Digiland is a storybook. If you find it, you might be pretty disappointed in its standard brown cover, and even the title "Tails of Digiland." And if you tried to source the author, nothing would come up for A. E. Mousse. Though it is impossible, should you view the pages while the book is closed, you'd find them blank.

When you open the book and start reading, you’ll find yourself in Digiland proper. You're not just sitting, reading a book, but you enter the land as a human! Some humans, trainers as they’re called, choose to take on personas as they travel the land, others don't. Some explore for hours and hours, and other stay for just a short while. The trainers of Digiland are you, and people just like you. The online list shows who's reading the book at any one time.

The story in each copy is both the same, and different for each person reading it. Copies connect and weave in and out of one another, creating the fabric that holds Digiland together. It's stitched not by the author, not by book binding, but by the trainers—the readers—that make it their home. And while some may set their copy down and grow away from it, the book will always be there, waiting, holding their place until they decide to pick it up again.

That doesn't mean that the world isn't in flux. New places are being discovered every day, new individuals springing to life. There's nothing stagnant about Digiland, nor its inhabitants, and especially not about the trainers reading words into the world.

Welcome to your home away from home. Feel free to stay as long as you want, and assuming you don't break any laws, it’ll always be waiting here for you. Just pick up your copy of "Tails of Digiland" and get started.

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